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The Shadow

Moving across the planet is an

frequency. It hasn't been on the Earth for many thousands of years. It's a frequency known in the depths of everyone's souls, for it heralds a new dawn and provides stability within the emotional body. This frequency is moving into the heart of mother earth to enlighten her path out of destruction. Although divine, like all consciousness, this frequency proceeds with an ebb and flow. This wave is triggering the macro out breath for the Earth to establish its frequency grid within the mathematical structure this galaxy holds. Anytime a shift of consciousness is birthed, the atomic structure must change, and the algorithm reconnects with the Earth's system. It has created a stable platform for Earth to move into—a gridwork holding four points, much like a square. As Earth moves into this grid platform, it creates oscillation within the deepest recesses of collective human consciousness. All that has been denied is appearing within the human being's mental, emotional and physical bodies. The shadow self cannot be ignored any longer. This frequency anchors into the depths of the ocean's most ancient temples from your light cycles. These temples hold the ability to ground these universal frequencies to awaken the new Earth paradigm.

And some of you will witness ancient sea beings as this new frequency manifests them into physicality. Some of these fish are the colours of the rainbow. These colours are not stationary within their physical structure, they can vibrate, move and change order on the accordance with how they are feeling.

We want humanity to be conscious of what is unconscious and take time to look within themselves, delve into the unknown and to not fear what they are feeling, but rather be inquisitive about what is surfacing within them. The shadow is no more than a denied polarity that must swing again in oscillation to find balance. These feelings are not from this incarnation; you don't need to understand the story. Only acknowledgement of these emotions without judgement is all that is required.

Humans tend to shy away from their emotions as it is too hard and fearful to feel their trauma, and the ego will deflect. But instead of helping you go into the emotion, the ego will activate the defensive mechanisms, which restricts you from feeling. Now, not only the ego but also the limbic part of the brain that deals with feeling. When this part of the brain is underdeveloped, which is often in Earth's left-brain society, it comes down to the neural pathways and inability to find Limbic Lobe Resonance, which assists people in understanding their emotional world.

You cannot possibly fathom through a third-dimensional understanding of the profundity of your entire multidimensional expression. The hardest part of this transformation is the human mind. It's conditioned in fear and doesn't understand ancient trauma, so it will attach these old feelings to this life and make you believe this reality is defining your whole existence. It is challenging for many people, but you must understand that fear, despair, anxiety, and fatigue are the most ancient emotions from many lifetimes. All you are doing in this life is acknowledging them. In truth, all disease and illness are the denial of the emotional body and believing your beliefs in the first place. The more you can surrender to this truth, the easier it is for your soul to work with you. You don't need to understand what we are saying but rather set the intention to release all that is unconscious within your soul body.

You are learning as a race that what you put out comes back to you - you are remembering that your inner world creates your physical world, and you are starting to question the narrative that runs your planet. The effects of this questioning haven't come into effect yet, but we say it is vibrating in everyone's subconscious mind. So, it is a choice now, ‘do I stay in servitude to a fickle mind based on conditional value, or do I take the leap of faith and love my shadow self so my soul can bathe me in unconditional love? The choice is yours and always has been.

Other main ailments you can expect are throat issues and any related anatomical structures in that location, for example, shoulders—bowel issues with heightened anxiety, worry and fear, including lower back pain. Many beings are experiencing electromagnetic energy moving through their Meridian system. It is to align the physical body with the new earth frequencies. People working on their emotional and mental health will start to feel much lighter in the summer; consciousness is redefining itself on the planet, bringing the gift of union amongst the human race.

Being bestowed upon this planet is a great gift; all you need to receive is intention. There is a window opening to disconnect from the heaviness of collective human vibration.

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