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I have been working with Paul since 2012 and have experienced tremendous
improvements in my physical and mental health as a consequence of the
treatments I have been receiving. Paul uses a combination of craniosacral
therapy, regression and metaphysical treatments that work at the deepest
and most subtle levels of the body and the mind. For me, Paul¹s work has
been far deeper and more profound and healing than any cognitive
behavioural therapy and psychotherapy I have undertaken in my life.

I came to Paul to understand the cause and possible treatment for sudden
hearing loss that occurred at the age of 5. Traditional medicine has not
been able to explain the cause of or offer treatment for my condition over
the years. ENTs don¹t know the cause of my hearing loss and have often
admitted they don¹t know much about the ear.

My left ear had been a Œdead¹ zone since my childhood with no physical
sensation either in the ear or around it. With Paul¹s treatment and his
'homework', I now have regular physical sensations in and around my left
ear. The most noticeable is starting to feel my left ear equalise which
has never happened. Through the work Paul and I have been doing, I
understand the direct cause of my hearing loss and the many layers of
emotional pain I have been carrying around since my childhood. I have
every belief that my hearing will restore once the emotional pain and
blocks have been fully cleared. This is not a short process and the
metaphysical aspects have at times been both a challenge and a comfort. I
have a clearer picture of who I am, my life story and history.

Metaphysical work has been around me for the last 12 years and I believe
that integrated medicine offers people the best opportunity for holistic
healing, especially given the strong link between emotional pain and
physical pain. I have witnessed the benefits of Paul¹s work in those I
have referred to him and the reaction of others who have seen the deep
changes in those referrals, but don¹t know the reason for it (e.g. work

Paul is an absolute professional and I have no hesitation referring people
to him.


Tim - Senior HR


Having had lots of conventional therapy and counselling, I was always curious about non conventional therapies such as healing. A good friend of mine had gone to see Paul and she highly recommended him, so off I went. Quite a few sessions later it still shocks me as to what I have managed to achieve with the aid of Paul. Many of my blocks that I didn't even know still existed and past issues have been resolved, I see my life changing before me. Metaphysical work is indeed real and thoroughly works with the right practitioner. Modern medicine needs to look to towards alternative medicine that has been healing human beings since the start; I feel it’s a shame that we have lost touch with this modality. I’m in full support of quantum physics, moreover how it proves healing works.  I can't thank and recommend Paul enough, I look forward to each and every session with him'.

Georgina - Design & Innovation


I first went to see Paul complaining of malaise and fatigue which had gone undiagnosed despite numerous tests by my GP and various doctors.  I was also concerned about my binge drinking habit and was keen to step out of the vicious cycle I had gotten into.  Paul's approach is certainly not what you get from your GP - he applies his metaphysical, spiritual and healing abilities to tackle the problem from source, making sure to get to the root problem at a soul level.  He uses Theta, cranio sacral and his inbuilt intuitive healing abilities to pinpoint blockages and issues in your system and energy flow and to restore them to full working order.  Plugging into the universal order and metaphysics, he is able to tell you a vast amount about yourself - emotional issues, family issues, past life issues etc.  He is then able to rectify these problems on a soul level and hence return you to optimal health and wellbeing.  There is no doubt in my mind that this work is hugely valuable especially when stubborn problems are simply not being resolved by traditional methods.  I am not dissing traditional methods but saying that the traditional and the metaphysical can coexist together to really produce perfect health and wellness.  This is precisely Paul's aim at his practice and I can't recommend his ideal highly enough.  It's time that people's eyes were opened up to the vast possibilities of the human body and mind and were offered understandable and easily digestible education on quantum physics and the workings of the universe.  Human potential and happiness is vast - much bigger than the majority are aware - Paul is a leading light in bringing this to the forefront.

Francisca - Office Manager - Business owner


'When I had my first Theta/ Cranial Sacral therapy treatment with Paul Quinton, I immediately acknowledged how he was so insightful and could read my bodies energy so clearly. This led me to continue having more sessions, as I felt, not only was Paul spot on with what my needs were in order to heal myself holistically, yet I always left the sessions feeling calm and full of clarity. The work Paul did in our sessions was profound and transformational. I recommend anyone who wants to seek an alternative way of healing (from the roots and not just treating the symptoms), then my first recommendation would be to have a session with Paul.

Holistic health & fitness professional

Ladan Soltani - Yoga Teacher


I had met Paul just at the beginning of my cancer journey. He helped me to relax and he showed me a way how to connect to myself and my inner child. After few sessions of theta/Cranio treatment, I started to feel many subtle changes in my way of seeing life. It helped me overcome a fear of death and an unforeseen future. Paul’s profound help made me stronger inside and build a protective shield that assisted me so I could face the disease on a completely different level.

I feel extremely blessed with his presence in my life. He introduced me to my new me. Thank you so much. 



"Paul came into my life several years ago through the recommendation of trusted friends and confidantes (a book club which had turned more into a group therapy session via books and then became a meeting point and clearing for friends to share issues and concerns over wine and a half-read book).  A few friends there had spent time with and had worked with Paul and highly recommended him to me as he had helped them transform their lives.


I was at first reluctant and cynical but really felt I wanted to move forward and needed help to do so.  In my mind, I had successfully been through a divorce, whilst holding my life (and self) together, keeping working and bringing up children, and being the independent, career woman I strove to be in the world of finance.  I had sought psychological help, been to landmark workshops, had life coaching, and truly felt happy to be out the other side and still standing.  I knew I had to take responsibility for myself and for creating the life I wanted yet I somehow felt blocked in moving forward and could not explain this.    


I wasn't sure what if anything was holding me back and couldn't explain why.  I wasn't sure what might occur and initially didn't notice.  Slowly but surely after having some sessions with Paul, things in life, which had felt insurmountable.. from simple dealings with the ex, family, friends, and colleagues to tackling jobs around the house and at work which had always felt overwhelming started to happen and shifted for the better.  So much so that I managed to embrace clearing things out, re-decorating, fixing and finally selling the former family home to embark on a more authentic and true path. This then led to moving jobs and tackling old hurts with my father and family and an inappropriate partner at the time.  I hit obstacles along the way, the biggest being my mother's cancer diagnosis.  In one session Paul asked me about something which came up around my mother's feelings about her own mother's death... which when I later enquired and discussed with her, led to a great admission of guilt on her part, and a massive unburdening and many tears.  My mother had carried this with her for a long time and never shared with anyone.    We became even closer and much more honest in our communication with each other (as a family) in dealing with her treatment and subsequent wishes and death.  However, for me the best thing was being able to remain focused, clear, calm and strong and capable, to be there for her and my father and brother and my own children throughout.  I had just changed jobs, was on my own and sometimes felt I was struggling to juggle.  At 47 this period of my life has been the most challenging to date.  I truly felt part of the sandwich generation caught in the middle of growing children with aging (and in my case a dying one)parents all happening whilst working, commuting, living, loving, and still wanting to be a little and laugh a little and have fun.  Paul's sessions have helped me to get through and come out the other side with a better, clearer sense of self and who I am and what I want from my life, and how I will go about it.  Without drama or medication, with laughter and tears and real emotions and feeling, to feel is to heal.  Paul has helped me find my way back to me, to fall back in love with me and be open to love others.  Ironically success at work has followed on as a result and life is feeling exciting again as I simplify and enjoy my life. "

Maureen Osborne - Investment Banking


I am a full time Pilates teacher and therefore, am very active vocally for my job. I started to suffer from regular bouts of laryngitis (2-3 yearly) which resulted in me being advised by my GP to take a week of vocal rest each time it occurred. The problem I had was that as it kept returning, I had to keep taking time off which wasn't ideal.  I was prescribed over the counter painkillers and anti inflammatories but the problem still remained.

I decided to take a more holistic approach to the problem and gave Paul a visit. From just one session (at which point I wasn't actually suffering with the said problem), Paul advised me that the reoccurrence of this issue was due to over active adrenals. My body was mistaking voice projection whilst teaching for the kind of voice projection used when in a confrontational situation and therefore, sending my adrenaline levels sky high. Due to this, my nervous system was in a constant state of stress which was localising in my throat.

Paul worked to rebalance my nervous system in the session and then prescribed me pre and post teaching mindfulness and breathing exercises, focussed on adrenal cleansing which were to become a regular part of my daily routine. Since that session, which was over a year ago now, I am thrilled to say I have not suffered any kind of throat issues and if I feel any symptoms coming on, it is a reminder that I have let my daily practices slip and on revisiting them, I feel the difference immediately.

I have Paul and the amazing work he does to thank for this. His ability not only to heal during sessions but also to advise on prevention and self healing is phenomenal. I cannot recommend him enough for each and every issue a person may have, be it on a physical or energetic level :)

Hayley Parry - Pilates business owner


Paul is a healer in the truest sense of the word.  Using a variety of holistic methods, of which he is a master practitioner, he finds the physical and emotional blockages in your body and uses the most effective method to release/repair the damage.  I have recommended him to numerous friends and family members, adults and children, and I’m certain that if you put your trust in him he will be able to help you to achieve an improved balance in your physical and emotional life. His integrative approach using alternative methods is a true testament to the power of metaphysical healing.

Fiona - Interior Design


I saw Paul for a number of 1-1 sessions, so did my then 9 1/2 years old and his dad, this allowed us to resolve some past issues from before our separation that was outstanding. We had been working on it by ourselves by communicating together but something non-verbal and non-visible seemed to still be 'stuck'.

Paul was very relaxed and welcoming and didn't pre-set a number of sessions, it was entirely up to us to decide on what felt right, which I very much appreciated.


I saw him a number of times and he facilitated numerous releases of blockages at a different level of energy, emotional, it was effortless for me and directly positively affected my son.

Then our boy had a couple of sessions himself and his dad too and it cleared all blocks and allowed us all to move forward in our different life path in a very loving, understanding, and respectful way with our son finding his bearings between us.


The sessions with Paul were each time very relaxing, and the effects were immediate by situations unfolding or circumstances showing up in our everyday life following the appointment. 

His insight, wisdom, and the talent he has to 'tune' into what needs to be released and verbalising is consistently spot on!


I have also attended a couple of workshops which I found hugely beneficial, a lot of insight, excellent knowledge being shared, and a very loving, caring, safe time connecting with like-minded and like-hearted people.


Thank you Paul for facilitating that transition with us and for us in such a respectful, kind, and safe way.

I am forever grateful that we were introduced to you.

Mathilde B


Paul's work is incredible and he facilitated major changes in me and helped me through a challenging point in my life. I have gained confidence and insight into myself that has set me up with priceless tools that I can now apply to my every day. I would recommend Paul to anyone. I believe this kind of work needs to be more accessible and supported to help guide people towards their full potential in the ever changing turbulent modern day society we all live in.



I met Paul Quinton in 2014, I was struggling with a divorce and balancing life with work and caring for my small Son. It looked bleak for me at this time. I honestly did not believe I could loose on taking the treatment, but I certainly did not expect the difference it made to my wellbeing. I still struggle day to day but I do so with a greater understanding of why I struggle and this helps me overcome my own worst self. At the end of the day, I’m really fighting my fears, my past experiences and preconceptions, seeing Paul has taught me and healed me and now I feel the anxiety but can face it and free myself from it. Like I said dealing with your demons is not always easy, but it’s a start on the road to a better, healthier and happier me!


Thank you Paul

Karen - Senior Estate Agent


I have been seeing Paul Quinton for over a year now.
He has helped me and my friends so much.
Paul has really coached me throughout all of my problems and issues.
When I do the exercise's set out by Paul every day I have regularly had daily breakthroughs and it's really helped me feel so much better within myself.
I'm thankful that I meet Paul as I'm really starting to heal.


Shona Bain - Senior Hairstylist


I worked with Paul over a series of sessions, who introduced me to a technique that involves connecting to a higher power to influence the dynamics in your personal relationships. In particular, it helped one very challenging situation that was causing me significant worry where we had reached an impasse in our situation.  After the work we did, that persons responses were completely reversed, resulting in the situation being resolved, almost overnight.

AB - Fashion

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