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About Me

Paul Quinton has been involved in the esoteric all his life, growing up in a family who acknowledged and worked with the unseen world. This has given him the foundation to express his soul’s path uninterrupted; the path is to align humans with their souls and the spirit world. To anchor and ground consciousness within humanity and to bring this knowledge easily and digestible to a chaotic world full of misinformation. 

Paul is a teacher of transformation and esoteric knowledge, a healer, teacher, channel, and writer. He practices out of London; working internationally on skype and has worked with celebrities. He has been flown to many countries as a healer and mentor; teaching internationally through his workshops. Being trained in numerous healing modalities has helped him in his work. However, his greatest teacher has been Spirit.


They have provided him priceless information, knowledge, and awareness of the world we live in. One of his greatest gifts is being able to channel, speaking with spirit through his own soul, through this ‘downloading’ process he has learnt much of what he teaches.

Paul has worked with more than a thousand people worldwide. He has written articles for mainstream magazines. He has spoken on weekly radio slots in America and at Mind Body Spirit events in London, United Kingdom. He is currently hosting workshops for the new modality of Consciousness, 'Alignment Modality'  which Spirit have asked him to teach.

Education and Certifications

Founder & Teacher of the Alignment Modality©

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Channeler for Spirit - Created Alignment Modality & Books

Foundational Psychotherapy

Reiki and Seichum Master & Teacher

Theta Healing Practitioner

Sports Massage Therapist

Emmet Technique Practitioner

Blue and Black Refined Sports Football P
Blue and Black Refined Sports Football P
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My Philosophy - Message from Spirit

There have been many attempts by the unseen forces to bring alignment to planet Earth. To impart universal truths in a way humanity may find resonance with their existence. However, this information has been corrupted and used against humanity. We are now in a time of truth, a time where human beings can finally make a choice and that choice will bring about the desired outcome. 

Many people have walked before with spiritual truths and have found themselves debunked, ostracised, murdered, and humiliated. You are now in a time of freedom and choice. We are giving you this knowledge now to finally make informed choices about how you take your life forward; how you manage the planet and all those which live on it. Your souls desire to live free. To embody your truth which has been heard and like the planet Earth, you are now moving into a different vibration of consciousness. It is our greatest pleasure to bring forth the truth of your current paradigm. To provide you with the tools to move into heightened awareness. The reality you exist in has taken you this far, but now it is time to move on.


Our work - entrusted through our channel Paul - is primarily a grounding of consciousness. We are here to embody the human being with this knowledge.  This work is not about ascending you to a higher form of consciousness. You are already existing in what your New Age Movement has had you believe you need to rise up to. You will soon realise the power of misinformation and the misalignment in what you have believed to be correct information. We are here to show you how to ground your soul body into the human body. This will align you to the higher frequencies where your multi-dimensional selves already live and thrive within. First, the healing of the mental, emotional and ego consciousness before full consciousness can be grounded. There is a realm which exists around you that we wish to reawaken. When your soul body re-enters your human personality, the realm will awaken. To be clear, you do not need to go anywhere; simply because you are already everywhere.


You are all at a tipping point, individually and collectively - moving our consciousness closer to the hearts of humanity – will enable you to start remembering certain truths of reality, but first you must embark on the journey within your own hearts. Paul is our channel for this information, he has dedicated himself to a life of service to provide humanity with the tools to heal themselves; to remind you how brilliant you all are. We are assisting him along his journey and we now wish to assist you; linked in the common good for all humanity. The information we provide is an activation in itself. It possesses the ability to awaken cellular memory, to unlock the truth which has been buried; misaligned in the human psyche.


Consciousness is subtle and moves through you the same way. We ask you all to be gentle, to be brave, to embrace humility; allowing you to feel what we speak. Your approach to life has to take you in a new direction; our teachings are that assistance. What we are giving you is nothing new, you know this deep in your heart. However, we do provide you with the truth. With the integrity of our channel we are happy that this information will now pass to you uncorrupted. You will soon find the simplicity in all of it and once this occurs, you will find a part of yourselves that you did not believe existed, and if you did, you probably thought it was not possible to access.


We are here in loving service to you all. The Veridians

Setting free the barriers between thought and logic- I bring back the need to FEEL, to be present and to adopt a new version/identity of self. I unlock the keys within humanity to free the minds of those enslaved in routine. The very essence of my teachings is the alignment process and elevation of self. Trust is the minority and it behoves me to see this through. I’m akin to kindness and merge that energy here now. I'm here to help humanity become conscious again to see with their own eyes the beauty and magnitude of the source. I assist in transforming soul’s through the identity process (earth life), remembering their majestic presence.

I have been a full-time healer for more than twenty years, working with Spirit in a different capacity has been my greatest honour to serve the light. They have worked with me on a day-to-day basis in my business as a therapist. It was only a few years ago when they asked me to set up the New Transformation of Consciousness. I am honoured and extremely fortunate to have been their channel for this wonderful information.

Although my soul unbeknown to me sent out the call in my early twenties. I was ready to take the next step with this work through international teaching and writing. I had been thinking for a few years before we connected that I needed something more - something more authentic from me - something I brought personally to the world. This desire was so inherent it has brought this work into manifestation. I thank everyone involved from the bottom of my heart. They have taught me to be present and to surrender to the divine feminine, which I now know is where humanity's greatest power can be accessed. Where love can finally wrap itself around the soul once more of every living being.

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