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The AlignmentModality©

The Alignment Modality© in essence is a system designed to enhance human potential through various healing practices, including, activations of multidimensional portals in and around the body, ancient advanced numerology that shows you your gifts and challenges for this life - answering questions the mind hasn't understood before. It’s opening up a realm of consciousness that exists around us but is not visible to the human eye, it is in fact there to be felt and experienced. Quantum physics is just starting to explain the interconnected universe and the power of observation and acknowledgment. Using these same principles is part of the healing process and techniques provided in the Alignment Modality©. It was the same principles embodied by Albert Einstein where he speaks of his achievements, not through the logical mind but in fact imagination and inquisitiveness being the main driver to his discoveries.


Now, these principal are ancient principles that have been lost in modern-day living. We are introducing these powerful techniques back into our modern-day experience so human beings can elevate themselves out of basal desire and fear-based living. Giving you the tools and techniques to not only heal yourself but to start accessing and speaking with higher intelligent consciousness in varying forms, through interdimensional and multidimensional communication. This modality explains a realm of consciousness previously mentioned and to access this realm of heightened awareness, we clear, work, and provide the tools so anyone attempting to have spiritual realisation whilst in a physical body can, with ease and comfort; we take you through numerous activities.


These include the fore-mentioned activations and numerology; opening up the mind complex to free the ego control mechanisms; clearing psychic and genetic morphogenic implants, especially in the neocortex and reptilian brain; a platform to come out of our bodies (out of body experience); working with the soul and reconnecting to our souls, enabling freedom from our perpetual suffering; removing misinformation from the cells; clearing the meridian lines that are the blueprint for the soul's incarnation, including birth defects; opening up to the power of the planets including communication - enabling guidance and forming a relationship to move forward empowered and
aligned; we introduce you to yourselves as multi-dimensional beings. It’s an organic modality and is also growing as human collective consciousness evolves - it will include updates each year with new work added to enhance human collective consciousness. There are many more components included, however, this is the essence of the Alignment Modality©.

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