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A friend introduced me to Paul’s page and I immediately resonated with his channelled messages and him. When Paul mentioned his modality alignment class that he was putting together I knew I would sign up, something felt right about that class than all the other classes offered. Paul is extremely down to earth, patient, caring and understanding. Is highly empathic and intuitive. I thoroughly enjoyed his class, meeting and getting to know the other people on the course was a great experience. The healing and activations where very powerful, it brought up a lot of inner wounds that made sense as to why my life and myself is the way that it is. I connected deeper with my soul, my true essence, clearing me to heal and raise my vibration allowing me to go deeper in to my spiritual practices. As a reiki practitioner this has strengthened and added more depth to my ability as a healer, helping me to be able to give the best treatments for my clients. I highly recommend Paul Quinton’s class for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of themselves and all that is and experience life to its fullest potential. I look forward to the next class. Thank you Paul!

Liana Loizou

By helping us remember what’s already there and what’s readily available to us Paul helps you unmask the magic of our souls’ journey - thanks Paul

Ray Slevin


I thoroughly enjoyed module one of the alignment modality. I would highly recommend it to all, especially those who want to align with their soul,  live in truth and be who they really are. The diamond light numerology is an interesting part of this modality which I’m looking forward to delving deeper into.  I am very much looking forward to doing the next module. Thank you.

Cherie Amethyst – Hope


I completed Paul's training, The Alignment Modality, stage 1. I am very new to this sort of thing and I have been left wanting more and more and more. Taught with so much love, I felt nurtured to step outside my comfort zone and I ended up releasing so much 'stuff'. I have a new level of meditation and new strategies to deal with emotions, physical pain and events that happen. I particularly liked meeting my higher self and learning about my soul path. Thank you Paul, looking forward to the next one!

Claire Brown


Paul is an authentic and passionate teacher who believes in what he shares.

Beautiful energy and you can feel he livies his highest calling. The modality is every powerful and is the next generation reiki but better.

Blessings Jen

Jenny Buechler


"This class was very enjoyable, the energy from it wonderful, and the content enlightening! I enjoyed the style with which Paul conducted the class and the occasional bouts of fun and laughter!" Paul has a lovely way of expressing the ideas

Cathy Graham 

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I love working with Paul no matter if it's a one-to-one or a workshop because he's gifts allow you to get in touch with your soul.  And from my point of view, nothing brings you more happiness and peace than listening to what your souls has to tell you. I also loved the The alignment modality workshop because it created a group energy where it's easier to release and heal.

Narcisa Gorgan

True healers are those that empower you to heal yourself. During the course I felt engaged every minute and found the activations very powerful. They brought up some physical and emotional pain in the first week but I know now to welcome the pain as it is a messanger and a gift. The Alignment Modality practices give you the tools to understand the messages so you can clear and heal yourself. Your intuition becomes much stronger too, while reading the materials I felt a vibration through my body which is a knowing of the truth contained within. This inspired work has given me such a deep understanding about why we're here, how we can clear old wounds and beliefs, connect with our higher self, and be truly free, abundant and vibrant. I have found much peace, inner strength, as well as a feeling of connectedness, which was my greatest wish having suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. This work has given me the answers to questions about life that have tormented me and I am extremely grateful to Paul for sharing his work.

Nadya Kyriakid

This is a very action-packed course for practitioners and those wishing to know how to really self-heal.  I loved the alignment part and found the essences extremely powerful to accompany the effects of the course itself. Paul has put a lot of work into this information filled course

Anna Daroy