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How our bodies are changing

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

First you must get to a point in your vibration that is ready to take on the new human form. There are many realities when it comes to the human body and many hidden truths as to its potential. You will get to a point where you can heal any part of the human body in any given moment using your imagination - but first you need to be in alignment with your cellular network. You DNA has the ability to grow any organ from scratch - to heal any dysfunction and this reality will become known to all of you in the coming years.

The organs do move around your body as energy moves through them at different times of the day and what you will witness, is actually the body becoming more ethereal, lighter - the translucent affect you see with some light beings is the ability to move consciousness through the body uniterupted. So in actual fact everything will move much easier, and organs will become malleable, compared to static. The physical bodies etheral counterpart is actually changing on a day to day basis - it can morph just as easily as it can augment. This is affected by the vibration around you and the depth of emotional energy thats oscillating within your being.

What you will see is the skull changing in various ways and there will be a depth like no other in the eyes of human beings.

They will act as a portal into many dimensions of reality just by looking into them. It's really about moveability within the space between your cells - when this part of your body is free you are able to take on light body experiences, growing back limbs for example, being able to merge with 'another persons physical body’ to feel their expression in your vibration. You will comunicate not only telepathically but at a cellular level, consciously. This will become the new way of healing by directing consciousness into the cell body and through intention create the necessary changes or healing. Technologies are a marvellous thing to have but your ability as a creator being is wide and far, and your potential is lying dormant at this time.

Once doctors become conscious of energy they will naturally gravitate towards the cell as the main operation of healing. Your organs are always moving etherically to be in alignment with divine current, its only your 3D perspective that sees everything as static.

Ponder on this - when you have a near death experience, or the surgeon says’ well if it was 1cm to the right you would have died. - do you think that maybe an organ was moved by your unconscious self to save your life? There is a world parallel to your understanding, where your life happens before you experience it physically and when you can access this you will see things before they happen. It will also give you the ability to self diagnosis your own heath and wellbeing. Many wonderful gifts to come, but in truth you have all lived this reality before - you are now starting to become conscious of this reality once more.

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