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Old earth Mentality

We are seeing around the globe many beings holding on to an age that has now become redundant, and what humans are now just discovering is the amount of energy they waste being caught up in the height of an illusionary world.

The male energy over the next 6 month is on a path of surrender and through next year this surrender will integrate with the human evolution. Now, the male energy in whatever form needs love and it needs support. It takes a brave soul to surrender to the feminine and the more you can encourage men in your life or your male side to soften their approach, to take a step back where less is more You will find a deep gratitude proceeding this acknowledgment.

Why because the male consciousness as we know is exhausted but more importantly wants balance and integration. And the feminine will power is very strong but very gentle and can

weave that energy in a way that supports instead of attack - it can be a delicate matter - but what is important is your intention to assist the male or your own male energy, that it comes from the heart and not your judgement of the male behavior, and certainly not for your own benefit i.e. getting your own way or a way to control.

Because the ego has been playing this game for too long now and its time to be authentic in all your communication with each other. In actual fact men are waiting to be approached in this matter, they want emotional understanding emotional resonance with their intellect. And you will find a Scared little boy in most cases.

If its the male side dominant in a female then its most likely coming from survival or inadequacy. The feminine energy needs to be expressed with love and tenderness because its within the tenderness where the power resides. The energy is already powerful so it doesn't need to be expressed with power or force - and the only way to express this powerful force is through tenderness , subtle and even childlike. So look around in your life use your intuition and the right men we will reveal themselves that are ready and if its your male side dominant then you need to soften your approach and give permission to the divine feminine to work through you and balance them two energies.

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