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Emotional Control

We are sitting on the edge of your planet and we look upon human consciousness witnessing an influx of guilt placed on one another. Now, because many on the planet are starting to stir ancient trauma, their egos are getting in the way and playing the guilt game. Trying to control what they are feeling by projecting it onto their story. Blaming others for their lives and their mistakes. Trying to control the emotional output of said guilt will only create more emotional trauma. The belief in 'I am alone’ is coming up to the surface because many of you feel this but don't articulate it correctly and it plays out as a victim and of course a Victim will always try and control other peoples emotional responses to support their glorious Victim hood.

And in truth, emotional energy is what keeps the planet in sync, it is a very powerful force and when in the 'wrong hands 'can cause havoc to all those around them. They believe they need to act a certain way in situations and its these belief systems that keep you in a gridlock.

The mind without the direct connection to the soul body cannot handle or even understand the emotions in their entirety, because firstly you aren't taught emotion, you are taught logic, and second, emotional energy comes from the feminine aspect of creation and until the male force on the planet can understand the feminine expression they cannot understand their own emotions and until females can understand their own male energy they will be out of balance to.

To express emotional energy in balance you must have a balanced inner child relationship because if your vulnerability, your sensitivity isn't loved and respected you cannot hope to find emotional equilibrium. Trying to control emotions through logic will only harden the person because you are not honouring the duality of your experience. The sacred flame you all carry in your hearts is asking you all to take time to process your emotions through feeling, not through logic, not through your story or your circumstances, but rather thank them with gratitude, because they are your story but not your reality!

Your true reality is understanding how you have been playing in a world of illusion which is now asking you to release it from your minds and honour it for the experience it provided you. For in the next coming years it will be increasingly hard to stay in illusion by not honouring truth or true reality.

We are experiencing a lot of Frenetic emotional energy as deep ancient emotional charge in stirring at the cellular level and its sending shock waves out through your galaxy; its quite a spectacle for observers of your planet.

You will soon witness the bees returning and this is a sign of balance resuming on your planet -on a personal level it means you are coming into balance - but don't rest on your laurels there is much depth to your sub conscious and all that needs to transmute will start to surface over the next 18 months. Be the brave wise warriors you are all known to be off planet and start to let go of you conditioning and belief systems, they are you only downfall right now...

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