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Alignment Modality© Courses

A Modality For The New Earth Consciousness

A Quick Way to Navigate Out of Our Human Suffering

Experience the opportunity to heal and transform from the deeply ingrained human conditioning responsible for much of our personal and planetary dysfunction. Through one-on-one sessions or transformational workshops, I provide genuine solutions tailored to your needs.

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You Could

find relief from the endless struggle and suffering?

You Could

access activations, and meditations that align you with truth?

You Could

connect with your true self and live a more fulfilling life?

You Could

restore your health and awareness with clear, truthful answers?

No matter what ailment, emotional block, or struggle you face, it all begins with a misunderstanding of your life path. By joining one of my courses or working with me directly, you will learn to feel and harness the true power within you. This transformative experience will lead to lifelong changes, as once you understand and feel the truth, you will never revert to your old ways.


” Love all of Paul’s treatments, they always make me feel great and energised”

– Jamie Oliver




” From personal experience, I find that Paul has remarkable powers in the field of psychic and healing abilities”

– J. Lloyd.. OBE. Writer

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I am creating a platform for people to ground their consciousness whereby they feel safe, supported, and empowered. People are struggling to find resonance with their lives. This work gives them the space, the foundation to embark on the journey into light-body consciousness. When you connect with this work you will feel a sort of homecoming, understanding you are a spiritual being, remembering the journey home and struggle will become a memory of the past. I am here to provide knowledge and insight into your consciousness, into your inner awareness. I am a support and facilitator of extra-sensory knowledge.

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Humanity is suffering, worn out, tired of the endless struggle, and fighting to survive without real answers. Many people in the past have tried to guide humanity to live better, with more connected lives. However, humanity continues to be alone, lost, and confused.

This work helps you come into alignment with your true self.

It acknowledges your pain, suffering, your struggle, showing you the way out. It is gifted by Spirit who loves you unconditionally and provides this information, the exercises, and the activations and meditations to help you through the alignment of truth, correcting misinformation, and misalignment of your consciousness.

Your health and awareness are returned to you with a clear message where real answers are given in truth.

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What Clients Say

 I have been working with Paul for 10 years and he has been a great source of help and trust to me and my family. Paul has guided me through many challenging periods in my life. He helped me through a divorce, make the commitment to enter into a new marriage, grow a number of businesses and his clairvoyance has been a guide in my everyday life. The new work Paul has been channelling and now trialling has had a tremendous effect on my overall health and spiritual progression taking me to the core of my humanness - I now have a deeper understanding of my past and how it has affected me throughout my life and through this realisation I have managed to heighten my connection to my soul. Paul has worked with my wife and also my three children to help give them the best possible start in life from birth. I could not speak more highly of Paul’s talents and abilities and believe that anyone who is lucky enough to work with him will be eternally grateful for the help and development they will be rewarded with.

David Ardley​ 

Managing Director 

BlackOnyx Group

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“A person who uses imagination becomes the beacon for all those enslaved in conscious reality.” 

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Becoming a Practitioner

What is an Alignment Modality Practitioner?

To become a practitioner you need to complete the three stages of training. Once you have aligned with your soul and the unseen world you will be able to hold the frequency of this modality that has been gifted to humanity direct from higher dimensional consciousness. This modality stands in its own right, however, it can be attached to any existing modality. In truth, this modality is a realm of consciousness that we need to become aware of if we are to move into 4D. Its powerful, life-changing and very exciting



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