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Moving forward - Soul Path

Many of you are experiencing a paradox of consciousness, 'A to and throw' analogy if you like. You are all in a river of expression, that can be likened to an undercurrent of water where you seem to be still on the surface but in the depths there is movement, and if you don't swim in the right direction you can be pulled in all directions leaving you feeling like you have just exited a washing machine. Sound about right?

Now, to swim in the right direction you just need to feel what’s pulling you underneath - which way is the tide moving. Do I swim in that direction or do I panic and leave it to fate? And this analogy is presenting itself now on a global stage and more and more human beings are starting to feel the undercurrent. The vibration is speeding up and no one can deny this any longer.

You are all starting to experience your shadow selves as they try to rise to the surface bathing in the Sunshine on the surface water. But many on the planet don't want to look beneath the water they are scared of, what is lurking on the ocean floor. Now, if you feed a shark you can swim next to it-you have acknowledged its craving, its temperament, you have nourished the shark and in return it won't bite you, so your shadows are asking you to nourish them and in return you can feel safe around that which is denied- it won't bother you anymore, and as we have mentioned in previous channelings, fear is looking for love, its opposite buddy which is love.

Love and fear are the same consciousness at different ends of a spectrum. So fear wishes you to love it, to embrace it, to not deny it any longer. It no longer wishes to be part of your experience and from the heart of fear it implores you to release it so it may move on and be free.

You are not your mind, you are not your belief systems, you are certainly are not physical beings at heart - its time to embrace these fundamental truths and do yourselves a favour and let go of the illusion that you are less than, that scarcity exists, that there’s something wrong with you -that you need someone to take care of you. The only person who can do that is you, however you need to be in alignment with your soul, otherwise the fickle ego mind will continue to keep you in servitude of false belief - and the denied emotional volcanos are just waiting to erupt. You just need to make the decision right this minute and watch the synchronicity of life unfold.

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